New Website Launched

For the past few weeks Jason has been both nervous and excited, awaiting the launch of the new website, before he’s even got out of bed he emails me, the web designer, for an update on the new site. All joking aside we are delighted to be able to launch the new website, bringing to you the full flavour of Not Just Coffee, keeping you up to date with tasty specials and cakes along with our events and general goings on at the shop, hopefully bringing customers together and further developing the brilliant community which has grown around us.

Jason, Not Just Coffee owner, takes a look at the new website.

You should look at this as a ‘soft launch’ for the website, over the coming weeks you will see many changes as we try out new ideas, Jason & Debs were keen to launch the site to enable us to get real-time feedback from their customers, allowing customers to make their own contributions and ideas to the website.

We hope you like the new website and keep up to date with Not Just Coffee through the Facebook and Twitter pages, keeping an eye out for changes on the site.